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The Underwater Museum of Art is the first permanent underwater sculpture garden in the U.S.


Located in the Gulf of Mexico, off of Walton County, Florida. The museum lies at a depth of 58-feet and at a distance of .93-miles from the shore of Grayton Beach State Park. Each year, a juried selection of sculptural works, drawn from artists throughout the world, is installed in the underwater garden.

The sculptures quickly attract a wide variety of marine life and, over time, metamorphize into a living reef. This eco-tourism attraction not only entices art lovers and divers from around the country and around the globe, it provides a much-needed habitat for local marine life and fisheries as well as providing marine scientists, wildlife management professionals, ecologists, and students, with an opportunity to study marine life and measure the impact of artificial reef systems on the Gulf ecosystem.

An underwater statue before being installed in the UMA artificial reef
An underwater statue before installation in the UMA artificial reef



Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County makes an ongoing effort to ensure all its programs are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Through the efforts of our Accessibility Committee using ADA self-evaluation, checklists, and guidelines, the CAA is focused on making its programs open and accessible to anyone who would like to participate.

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