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JYC's Dream

By Artist

Kevin Reilly

JYC’s DREAM is a creation by American designer Kevin Reilly as an homage to the “Aqualung,” arguably Jacques Cousteau’s greatest invention, and is a collaborative effort with the South Walton Montessori Academy primary students and their teachers. The sculpture, a larger-than-life diver’s head, is a model of captain Cousteau wearing the original version of his invention. Ascending from the mouthpiece will be a trail of bubbles, many of which will serve as a framework for the students’ individual designs and allow the sculpture to function as fish habitats. “The children of today will become the caretakers of tomorrow,” said Reilly. “It was Cousteau’s dream for all people, especially future generations, to access the underwater world, and it is our hope that the student involvement in this project will help lead them in the direction of Captain Cousteau’s dream. Our incredible underwater world will be left to them.”


Created by

Kevin Reilly

Sponsored by

Bud and Alley’s

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