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Anthony Heinz May

Enveloped by forests of the Pacific Northwest, the majority of my life was spent contemplating nature far away from the tumult of human activity. I developed a deep fascination with creativity and artistic elements found within the natural environment. Emerging as a NYC artist amassed
a much different experience than my birth (and presently residing) state of Oregon.

My life has always been surrounded by art, as that is the lens through which I question reality. I grew up on meal tickets from the Oregon timber industry where my family worked across generations, including myself. Although I knew nothing of institutions, museums or galleries it was my interest in creating that allowed me experience art from a very early age.

Within the past decade I have traveled to over 22 states and provinces across the continental US/Canada region to create more than 52 site-specific installations of art in natural, rural and
urban areas.

My studio is a mobile one; I work nomadically. My artistic path is less a route than a defunct timepiece or divining rod that symbolizes direction without actually offering one.

What I find in travel between and since is a natural world in distress everywhere and all at once while challenged by a perversion of reality through artificial realms humans live/acquire life by.



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