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George Sabra

As unique as a fingerprint, George Sabra's sculpted creations are one of a kind, each a true original. Seeing limitless possibilities in materials that others would abandon or discard, Sabra artistically recycles. When others would destroy, Sabra creates.

Sabra's media is descended from two worlds, both natural and man-made. Because of this, he finds himself drawn to all sorts of discarded material plastic metal computer waste in combination with earthly offerings of driftwood, roots, granite and marble. "I believe it is possible to work with any material," he says passionately. "I do not see myself as a wood sculptor, or a clay sculptor, or a metal sculptor. I am simply a sculptor."

In awe of nature, his use of man-made materials is primarily as a complement or extension of the natural resources he chooses. He explains his perspective saying, "I want to show how man's accomplishments can and should flow in harmony with the natural world." With current environmental concerns, it is an artistic idea whose time has come. And while it is tempting to label Sabra's style as 'contemporary,' his skills reveal a respect for the principles of traditional fine art.


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