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Bubbly Barnacles

By Artist

Donna Conklin King

When building the concept for her piece BUBBLY BARNACLES, artist Donna Conklin King thought about the duality of decay and resiliency and found inspiration in barnacles. Barnacles stick to the undersides of vessels, to other sea life, to each other, and to pretty much anything they come in contact with. While they are an annoyance, the beauty in their destruction is also their strength - the glue! They secrete a fast-curing cement that is among the most powerful natural glue known. The glue is so strong that researchers are trying to determine how it can be used commercially. The piece is titled Bubbly Barnacles because these barnacles are round like a bubble and hollow to allow space for sea creatures to make a living reef. Rather than being destructive or unwanted, these barnacles are welcome and inviting. The tallest central component consists of three large oblong asymmetrical forms that have openings you can see through. Fish can swim through them, and Divers can look through them. Divers can also shine a light into any of the 6+ barnacles at the base of the sculpture, and hopefully find some delightful surprises living or hiding inside.


Created by

Donna Conklin King

Sponsored by

Seagrove Village Market Café

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