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Dawn Dancers

By Artist

Shohini Ghosh

DAWN DANCERS designer Shohini Ghosh is a Denver-based artist originally from New Delhi, India. “Dawn Dancers” is a sculpture of two seahorses doing a dance. Seahorses are a flagship species, charismatic symbols of the coral reefs, estuaries and seaweed coastlines. The presence of Seahorses indicate the health of a reef system. ‘Dawn Dancers’ is a silhouette of two seahorses doing the hypnotically romantic mating dance, looking to creating a home at the Walton beach reef forever. My stenciled silhouette sculpture allows the underwater tides and sea life to move through the design and gives ample space for the corals and sea grass to grow on it without hiding the shape. This design will evolve into a fascinating sculpture of seahorses with a living and growing surface of coral on them.


Created by

Shohini Ghosh

Sponsored by

Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

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