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Depth of Decision

By Artist

Gianna Stewart

DEPTH OF DECISION by Boston-based artist Gianna Stewart is a gesture for the ocean, a sunken series of decisions. Nuances to the cast concrete doors will be visible during its preview on land, and various openings in its structure and doors will serve as artificial reef for marine life. One door is just slightly ajar, another wide open. An open door is an invitation to enter or exit: a closed door is a challenge. A series of doors is a decision, which one to pass through if any. A door to the future, a door to the past. The work may conjure up images of Atlantis, or a flooded city. A door is out of place in an environment of boundless space, unbound by walls or imposing architecture. This series of doors, of decisions will submerge in among marine life that may wander about this unnecessary architecture. Useless, these doors will be forever stuck in various states of ajar, surrounded by nothing but ocean.


Created by

Gianna Stewart

Sponsored by

360 Blue

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