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Propellor In Motion

By Artist

Marek Anthony

PROPELLER IN MOTION is a design by artist and contemporary custom furniture creator Marek Anthony who resides in Dallas, Texas via Madrid, Spain. “Propeller in Motion” is an abstraction of a moving ship’s propeller being swallowed into the sea bed. The sculpture is designed to be permeable to light, sea water and living things and will be constructed from individual propeller-shaped concrete pieces mounted on a stainless steel central tubular support, capped with a stainless steel cone. “My work is as much about the mass of the material as it is about the space between it,” said Anthony. “I enjoy site specific projects and manipulating the viewer’s experience by relating the sculpture and the environment. Often the sculpture will frame aspects from the environment giving the viewer an added dimension to explore.”


Created by

Marek Anthony

Sponsored by

South Walton Artificial Reef Association

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