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Sea How We Flow

By Artist

Elise Gilbert

Artist Elise Gilbert is interested in posing a question within the viewer's understanding that draws on the philosophical proposition of naturalism. One of the key questions this concept evokes is whether nature possesses inherent perfection. Some may find perfection in nature's complexity and balance, while others may argue that nature is chaotic, imperfect, or harsh in its manifestations. When the viewer experiences this piece, they are confronted with an image of two hands in reflection—the yogic hand symbol for the flow of wisdom during self-reflection. It is a gesture that encourages the practitioner to turn their attention inward, seeking self-realization and deeper understanding. The perceiver may experience the image of the hands with a sense of harmony and peace. As time progresses, the underwater piece will slowly undergo changes in its appearance, gradually becoming more asymmetrical as it is overtaken by sea-life. The question then arises: as the form changes, does its perfection also change? Or does it become more harmonious and perfect in the realm of nature?


Created by

Elise Gilbert

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