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To Replenish with Water

By Artist

Beatriz Chachamovits

TO REPLENISH WITH WATER is a design by Brazilian artist and marine researcher Beatriz Chachamovits. This sculptural piece approaches the theme of ocean degradation through the concept of coral bleaching. The artwork depicts a cluster of different species of Florida’s corals (elkhorn, staghorn, brain and fire) and sponges (tube, vase and barrel) bleached, infused with forms of plastic waste that will be covered through time by new and healthy corals, so that its original white form disappears completely. Primarily modeled out of clay in a 3D printer, to be casted out in clean white cement, with no other additional material, this piece is a hope spot for transformation and awareness. Like most of the artist’s interactive pieces, To Replenish with Water deals with the ephemeral state of the work and its forever changing quality, much like the ocean itself. Reversing the fate of this bleached piece to, in time, a ravishing coral colony is a powerful message in the battle against climate change.


Created by

Beatriz Chachamovits

Sponsored by

Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County

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