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Love Thyself

By Artist

Maxine Orange

LOVE THYSELF is a collaborative project between Artist/Designer Maxine and her team including Concept Designer Maurice Hunter, body casting with fellow artist Velia Lala, Kyler Fitch with Emerald Coast Mobile Welding, and Eric Shackelford with Destin Metal Shop. The group shares that “Being part of the UMA experience will be a great opportunity for us to express our passion for utilizing art to communicate meaningful ideas with the potential to make a social impact.” The theme is rooted in the concept of SELF-LOVE. The team will create a sculpture of a woman appearing to stand in appreciation of her reflection in front of a mirror to visually represent an image of connecting with the power, Love, creativity, and beauty within one’s self and will even include an inspirational written message, “Love Thyself”.


Created by

Maxine Orange

Sponsored by

Galati Yacht Sales

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